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Director of Marketing, Design and Web Development for Paradigm Global Management Inc. (PGMI), 2002, I managed staff in St. John's, Antigua, West Indies, along with contractors in Vancouver, B.C., Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada while keeping daily communication with our president and CEO.


Organized and managed the creation of 10 web sites. The contractors and staff all worked remotely and meetings were held with the CEO, myself and contractors, in Vancouver, at regular intervals. Paradigm Global Management (Feb 2003).

UPDATE: All sites have were sold a few years ago and can only be viewed as stills. To view stills, contact me. The links available are redesigned by new owners.


Contract agreements
Work schedules
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Web development
URL Registration

  QA (Quality Assurance)
Search Engne Optimization (SEO)
File Transfer Protocal (FTP)
DNS redirection

Adobe Creative Suite 6
Microsoft Office
Outlook Express



Meldon Ellis


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