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I have jobs that boost my creative need for balance in my life on the Sunhine Coast,
allowing me to paddle, dance, and vacation. I am always keeping up my skills for
living here, fun & work!

The summer of 2015, when I graduated with 4 Fashion Arts Certificates from VCC, while
working part time at a Vancouver boutique women's clothing stores. I was proud
that my collection was shown at VFW (Vancouver Fashion Week) on Sept. 30th, 2015.

I have been a professional real estate assistant, business development assistant,
media assistant and still dabble in wearable art, calligraphy and my new interest
of weaving on a floor loom. My latest freelance includes the redesign of the Gibsons,
BC, Brookbank Farm website, Ellis Business Lawyers & Go Figure Active and Leisure Wear.

Paper, which I have made, is still one of my favourite mediums yet fabric and clothing
always fascinate me! Fashion design, dance, music, illustraion, making pop up
cards and computers keep my interests!

I find relaxation & fun when I paddle outrigger canoes, all year long, play the piano,
guitar and try to play the ukelele. I want to tap dance again, hip hop, and I keep doing
Zumba dance classes!

I love, love, love the sun, road trips, sewing, cooking, walking, reading non-fiction
and writing. Yet my happiest times are spent with my family, my two lovely kids,
ages 29 and 31 and my two awesome grandchildren, (soon to be three).

I live in the present while looking to the future!

Dream Master Jacket - designed by charon 2015 - VCC Fashion Arts Graduate

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