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My creative need for balance in my life on the Sunhine Coast, allows me to work,
paddle, dance, create and relax. I am always keeping up my skills for iving here,
for fun & work!

Racing outrigger canoes at the World Sprints in London, England this summer, was
a new personal and team challenge, I thouroughly enjoyed meeting and racing
with the best ladies in the world.

Covid quieted things for most of us, and the reflections of the summer of 2015,
when I graduated with 4 Fashion Arts Certificates from VCC, while
working part time at a Vancouver boutique women's clothing stores., well I am
proud that my collection was shown at VFW (Vancouver Fashion Week).

I have been a professional real estate, business development, media and
marketing assistant and I still dabble in wearable art, calligraphy and my new
interest of weaving on a floor loom.

Paper, which I have made, is still one of my favourite mediums yet fabric and clothing
always fascinate me! Fashion design, dance, music, illustraion, making pop up
cards and computers keep my interests!

I find relaxation & fun when I paddle outrigger canoes, all year long, play the piano,
guitar and try to play the ukelele. I want to tap dance again, hip hop, and I keep doing
Zumba dance classes!

I love, love, love the sun, yet I live in a rain forest! My happiest times are always
pent with my two kids, ages 36 and 33 and my three awesome
grandchildren, ages 8, and under. Balance of life is so important.

I live in the present while looking to the future!

Dream Master Jacket - designed by charon 2015 - VCC Fashion Arts Graduate

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